Canadian Student Loans

Canadian citizens studying at the University of Sydney can access funding from the Canadian federal and/or provincial governments. You need to apply directly to the appropriate government and they will determine the loan amount and how it’s managed. We will assist by completing enrolment and tuition confirmation forms supplied by the Canadian governmental bodies.

The funds are sent directly to you, and you then need to arrange tuition and fee payments to the University. Tuition due date extensions will not be provided on the basis of delayed funding from a Canadian government provider. You need to ensure you apply for funding within the appropriate timeframe to receive your funds and pay the University before each tuition payment due date.

In some cases, we are registered to participate in online application and enrolment confirmation systems. If not, you’ll need to provide us with forms to be completed by the University. Please send electronic forms to the International Loans team at or provide hard copies to the Student Centre, Level 3 Jane Foss Russell building, and allow up to 10 working days for completion.

The National Student Loan Service Centre provide an online orientation webinar with information on how the Canadian Government student loans and grants work. You can also find information on repayment of your federal and provincial loan in the online repayment presentation.

Provincial and Territorial Student Financial Assistance Offices

For further information on loans for Canadian citizens, please contact the Provincial and Territorial Student Financial Assistance Offices or the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC).

The University of Sydney is registered for online Confirmation of Enrolment processing. For faster loan processing times after receiving the Notice of Assessment detailing the loan or grant, submit an online Confirmation of Enrolment request to us using the NSLSC On-Line Services portal or contact the International Loans Team to request your Confirmation of Enrolment be completed online.

Canada Revenue Agency

All tax forms can be provided to International Loans Team by email

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