Pestalozzi-UWC Scholarship Programme

In 2019 the Pestalozzi International Foundation (PIF) evolved its long-standing scholarship programme into a new partnership with UWC International and together started the Pestalozzi-UWC Scholarship Programme, focusing on students from underprivileged backgrounds who would not have the opportunity to complete their education without scholarship support. As a funding partner, Pestalozzi provides the financial support for the selected students to study the 2-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The first five Pestalozzi-UWC Scholars entered UWC Atlantic in August 2019.

How the students are selected

UWC has a network of National Committees based in almost every country of the world. At present we are focusing on the nine countries where we have historically offered scholarships. Our existing partner organisations in those countries will be encouraged to propose candidates meeting all our selection

criteria to the National Committees, however the process will also allow us to consider candidates from a wider range of schools. Pestalozzi staff will have the opportunity to join the National Committee members and observe some of the selection process in each country.

Selection Criteria

National Committees (NC) will identify suitable candidates during the UWC annual selection process. The successful Pestalozzi-UWC scholars will:
  • normally be aged 16-18 years old;
  • show high potential (academic and social) and will otherwise not have the opportunity to complete their secondary education;
  • come from a conflict/refugee/underprivileged/in exile background as recognised by the NC, depending on the appropriate country context, and not have the financial means or privileged connections to be able to complete their secondary education. Reference to refugee includes a young person who is an IDP (internally displaced person) within a region of conflict;
  • have an awareness of issues in their community and have demonstrated a commitment to their community in line with Pestalozzi’s ethos of education for the head, heart and hands;
  • be aware of and committed to PIF’s values;
  • be able and eager to play an ambassadorial role for their communities when abroad; and
  • able to think of clear examples of how to give back to UWC/PIF/their home communities in the future.
All scholarship recipients will be assessed based on the UWC core criteria and relevant NC eligibility criteria. UWC’s core selection criteria are

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Motivation
  • Active Commitment
  • Social Competence
  • Resilience, Personal Responsibility and Integrity
  • Motivation for UWC
The final decision regarding suitable students will remain with the members of the respective NC selection panel. NCs allocate candidates to the places they have available at UWC Atlantic based on several complex factors such as visa/immigration restrictions, best fit, available funding, and student preference.

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