Dhankesari Lottery Sambad 5.6.2020 Today 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM

Dhan Kesari Lottery Result


Dhankesari Lottery Result
Dhankesari Lottery Result

If you want to see Dhan Kesari today result, stay with us. We want to tell you that DhanKesari Lottery is one of the largest and most comprehensive lotteries around the state of West Bengal. Continue inviting your friends to our website, and enjoy the results of the day.


Latest Update – Dhan Kesari Lottery result is released three times daily. The result of the first paddy Dhan Kesari Lottery comes at 11:55 AM. The second lottery result comes at 04:00 PM. And the final lottery results come at 08:00 PM.

Dhankesari Lottery Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM


Dhankesari Todays Result 11:55 am 5 June 2020

Dhankesari Result 4 PM Result 5 June 2020

Dhankesari Result 8 PM Result 5 June 2020

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Dhankesari Todays Lottery Result 11:55 am


On this website, you can see the Dhankesari Lottery result 11.55 P.M daily. This Dhankesari Lottery result is also called Dhankesari lottery sambad 4:00 P.M at 8:00 P.M. You can see Dhankesari Lottery results every day from 12 am to 12.15 am.


Due to technical reasons, this can be delayed and 15/20 minutes delayed by the Dhankesari Lottery Result Upload. The daily Dhankesari Lottery has been linked to this website for the result. You can also include this website in Bookmark. Dhankesari Lottery result 11.55 am is also called Dhan Kesari lottery.


Dhankesari 4 pm Result


Check here The Dhankesari 4 PM Day Result also known as West Bengal State Lottery Sambad 4 PM Day. West Bengal state lottery sambad these day results at 4 PM online. state recent in addition as these days lottery draw result is updated here on this page.


keep connected with dhankesari lottery draw result on-line. the state lottery is one in all the foremost and widespread lottery round the west Bengal. Keep visiting our web site to west Bengal state lottery draw results of the day.


Nagaland State Lottery Dhankesari 8 PM Result


Dhankesari lottery sambad result also known as Nagaland state lottery these days. Click on the link higher than got to today 8 PM Dhankesari lottery result on-line. Nagaland these days lottery result in pdf file on-line. you’ll check Nagaland state lottery morning here online.


Sikkim state lottery very well known as Sikkim state lotteries is the biggest lottery of Sikkim state lottery result we daily publish three timely results Sikkim state lottery today result will be published at 11:55 am which is very popular named as Sikkim state lottery dear result


keep connected with dhankesari.net to envision daily Nagaland state lottery results of the Evening, Nagaland State Lottery 8 PM Evening.


dhankesari lottery result publish daily 3 times of lotteries and this is called dhankesari today result also known as dhankesari today’s result you can say is another better day this is dhankesari lottery sambad as well as dhankesari lottery


Dhankesari Lottery Result Yesterday


On this website, you can download Old Result of Dhankesari today result. For this, visit Dhankesari Lottery Sambad Yesterday Result. By scrolling down on this webpage you can see that according to the correct date you can download dhan kesari old outcome. This Dhankesari is out in the old outcome Pdf format which is on Google Drive. He can download you dhankesari.com.


Dhan Kesari Today Evening Result‎: ‎4:00 PM
Dhankesari Today Morning Result‎: ‎11:55 AM
Dhankesari Today Night Result‎: ‎8:00 PM

Dhankesari Lottery Old Result


Today everyone is busy in their life today. We give our business a great deal of time and after that time comes for our family. That’s a great thing and we should do the same. Often we do not get time in everyday life and we buy lottery tickets. So forget to see his result. You can download and download Dhankesari lottery old outcomes on this website. It is in Dhankesari lottery old outcome Pdf and has transferred to Google Drive. He can download Dhan Kishori.


Title Dhankesari Lottery Result
Authority Hindi newspaper
Result Declaration Number 3 Time
Dhan Kesari Live Draw Fix Time 11:55 AM, 4 PM & 8 PM.
Result declaration method e-Paper
Popular State West Bengal, Sikkim & Nagaland
Dhankesari 1st Prize Rupees- 26 Lakhs
Official Website http://dhankesari.com/

Different Types and Names of Dhankesari Lottery


Dhan Kesari Lottery has many names and types. People from different regions know it by different names, some of them are common and some are unique. Therefore, Dhanakesari is going to list the types and names of lotteries so that you do not have any problem.


  • Dhankesari Lottery
  • Dhankesari PDF
  • Dhankesari Today Result 8 pm
  • Day Dhankesari
  • Night Dhankesari
  • Dhankesari Today Result 4 pm
  • Dhan Kesari lottery
  • Dhankesari Lottery Sambad
  • Nagaland State Lotteries Dhankesari
  • Dhankesari Today Result 11 am
  • and Many More.

Lottery Dhankesari Drawn Times


Dhanakesari officially releases results at three different times throughout the day. The first draw was held at 11:55 AM and is the first chance to win the game. It is then held at 4 PM and again at 8 PM night. you can download the result immediately after its official announcement.


Dhankesari Todays Lottery Result


How to Download Dhan Kesari Today Result


Some steps of online Download Dhan Kesari today’s Result are given below. You can follow this step for Dhankesari Today Result download 


  • First of all, Visit Dhan Kesari official website – http://dhankesari.com/
  • Click on the e-PAPER on the homepage menu bar.
  • Now, You can see Dhan Keasri Today Result.
  • Choose a paper cut.
  • Right-click and click save image as.
  • Finally download today result.


Lottery State and Live draw time


The Dhan Kesari live draw is released at different times for different states. The time of live draw according to state is given below.


Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM
West Bengal State Lottery 04:00 PM
Nagaland State Lottery 08:00 PM
Rajshree Lottery 11:55 AM, 04:00 PM, 08:00 PM


Dhankesari Lottery Sambad Prize List | Nagaland State Lottery Prize List


1st Prize Rs- 25.26 Lakh
Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-


Dhan Kesari Lottery Sambad Prize List | West Bengal State Lottery Prize List


1st Prize Rs- 30 Lakh
Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-

Dhankesari Lottery Mobile App: 


The individuals who are customary clients of Lottery Dhankesari. They can simply get download and introduce lottery Dhankesari application in their cell phones. Get read lottery Sambad Newspaper with us.


Lottery Dhankesari Types: 


There are numerous kinds of lottery Dhankesari. In any case, you can get all Dhankesari lottery results here too.


  1. Dhankesari Lottery bhutan 
  2. Dhankesari todays
  3. west Bengal state lottery 
  4. Dhankesari Lottery 2020
  5. Dhankesari Lottery Banga bhumi super 
  6. Dhankesari Lottery  bangla 
  7. lDhankesari Lottery bengali 
  8. Dhankesari Lottery guard 
  9. Dhankesari Lottery bangalakshmi lottery 
  10. Dhankesari Lottery bangasree super 
  11. Dhankesari Lottery bengali paper 
  12. Dhankesari Lottery west bengal 
  13. Dhankesari Lottery paper 
  14. Dhankesari Lottery dear respect 
  15. Dhankesari Lottery dear tender 
  16. Dhankesari Lottery dear delicate 
  17. Dhankesari Lottery dear fortune 
  18. Dhankesari Lottery dear delicate 
  19. Dhankesari Lottery dear karma 
  20. Dhankesari Lottery dear possibility 
  21. Dhankesari Lottery dear achievement 
  22. Dhankesari Lottery dear kind 
  23. Dhankesari Lottery dear bird of prey 
  24. Dhankesari Lottery singam Zeal 
  25. Dhankesari lottery sambad 
  26. Dhankesari Lottery singam Great 
  27. Dhankesari Lottery singam Vigor 
  28. Dhankesari Lottery singam Delight 
  29. Dhankesari Lottery singam Energy


Frequently Asked Question About Dhankesari


People also asked for these below question about dhankesari.

Which states have Dhankesari Lotteries?



The states that currently do not have dhankesari lotteries are Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai.

Can you play the dhankesari lottery in a different state?



As a general rule, if you live in one state and win a dhankesari lottery in another, you’re first taxed by the state where you bought the lottery ticket. Then, if your home state has the same or a lower tax rate than the other state, you won’t have to pay taxes in your state.

Does every state have dhankesari lottery?



Dhankesari tickets aren’t for sale in every state, however. Specifically, six states—Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad.dodon’t have state lotteries and therefore don’t sell tickets for Powerball or any other multi-state lottery games.

How much tax do you pay on a 26 Lakhs lottery ticket?


Therefore, if your taxable income, not including an Rs.10000/- lottery prize, is Rs.15,000/-, your lottery winnings would be taxed in the 15 percent bracket. In other words, you’ll owe Rs.1,500/- in tax.

What happens if you buy a dhankesari lottery ticket in another state?


The next thing to realize if you buy a dhankesari lottery ticket in another state is that you cannot claim the prize in your state. You have to claim from the state where you bought the ticket. This is because each state has its own dhankesari lottery company that runs all the games that you can play there.
Who operates the Dhankesari lottery?

The Dhankesari lottery is run by three Indian states. First, Sikkim State Lottery, Second, West Bengal State Lottery

Which states allow dhankesari lottery in India?

There is no blanket ban on lotteries across the country. But, only 13 states allow lotteries. These are KeralaGoaMaharashtraMadhya PradeshPunjabWest BengalAssam, Arunachal PradeshMeghalaya.